With Mint Links, you can create a mint page for your customers to mint your product, and share a link to it with your audience. You can share the link as many times as you want on social media, in emails, or any other channel.

Mint Links are a no-code option, where you can generate a mint page with the Versify Dashboard, and begin collecting mints in minutes.

Or, with the Versify API, you can extend the functionality and generate mint links programmatically at scale, with the benefits of the no-code option.

How to create a mint link

You can create a mint link and have your audience begin minting in just a few quick steps.

1. Set up your product

Products define your assets that you want to be minted onto the blockchain.

2. Create your mint link

Whether you integrate with the Dashboard or the API, you can take advantage of features to customize the appearance of your mint page.

3. Share your mint link

Share your mint link with your customers by embedding it in your website or an email campaign, or pasting it anywhere. Another option is to print out a QR code and display it IRL on a billboard or poster.

4. Track your mints

Behind the scenes, Mint Links builds a mint page at a unique URL. This means that you can use either the dashboard or the API to fulfill your orders as customers complete their payments.

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