1. Log into your Versify Account

  2. Click Integrations on the Left Hand Side

  3. Scroll down to Popular with Versify Users

  4. Click on “Use this Zap” to add Google Contacts to Versify

  5. A new tab will appear to start the process of connecting your Slack & Versify Accounts.

  6. Follow the Zapier Prompt

    1. Connect Versify

    2. Connect Slack

    3. Customize Zap

    4. Test Zap

    5. Turn on Zap

  7. Congratulations! Now every-time a contact is added to your google account, it will automatically be organized into your Versify Account! As your business network expands, it is important to be organized. This integrations is useful to continually be updated and engage with your new customer base right away!


Cultivating a positive customer relationship is critical in our business model. Our team is here to provide support and content to help you navigate your journey with Versify. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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