It is always exciting when logging into a new account to start creating. This short article is meant to explains where things are and where they will take you. We will explain the details of our header. We will include black buttons to help showcase different areas of our navigation tab.

Header Bar (L->R)

Versify Labs Header

Located at the top of your screen, we have the overall layout for your account on Versify. On this bar, you will be able to look through the overall details and personalize your account.

  • Home Button

  • Display Name

  • Language

  • Dark / Light Mode

  • Notifications

  • Account Settings

    • Allows you to adjust:

      • General Settings

      • Team Settings

      • Billing Information

Navigation Tab

Navigation Bar on Versify

A view where you can create or import and look at all of your contacts into Versify. At this moment, we allow our users to store customers First & Last Name, Email, and Phone Number.

An area to look over all of the products that have been created so far. With the ability to create your NFT by Naming, Describing, and giving Properties to your JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG file.

Understand the state of distribution of your NFT. Allows you to understand the details of the distribution and status. An airdrop is an email that contains a mint link for the customer to engage with to receive their NFT.

Give a views of the URL links and the status of the Minting Process. Meaning, how many people have minted the NFT into their wallet. A Mint Link is converting digital data into crypto collections or digital assets recorded on the blockchain.


Create and Automate tasks to reduce friction of your customer engagement and workflow. We offer Zapier Integrations with Versify so you are able to integrate and automate all your favorite applications.

Look into your account to adjust billing, add teammates, and control other settings.

Help Center & Get Support

Area where you can read more of our articles and contact us with Customer Feedback! We look forward to hearing from you!

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