We have provided a brief tutorial when you first sign into your Versify account. We would like to expand on our dashboard. I would like to direct your attention to Suggested for you, we have labeled three boxes to show the three easy steps to create, connect, and distribute your NFT.

  • Create Product

  • Add Contact

  • Send Airdrop

Following these icons, one after the other, will allow you achieve the full processing of creating and distributing your NFT.


After you Create Product, it will show up under collectibles. As you can see, I have two products that have the Versify Logo on them. I have the option to click on these products to look into the differentiating details on them.


A campaign in Versify is where you have begun distributing your NFT. When you distribute your digital collectible, you will have two options to distribute them: Airdrop or Mint Links. Underneath this section, we will see how many Airdrops and Mint Links are currently in your account along with being able to create additional.

Mint Summary

A graph that shows you how many contacts have minted their NFTs into their wallet.


If you feel that we have missed anything, please contact us at support so we can fix it right away!

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