Why does Versify the Blockchain over other Traditional Methods?

Describing how many can leverage NFTs for their customer engagement!

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We work with brands that create unique consumer experiences, gather community insights, and drive brand loyalty with NFTs. As a result, companies can make and distribute NFTs as identifiable vehicles for customer engagement. The benefit of conducting your business on the blockchain as it allows teams to construct operational policies because of the digital differentiation.

Building on Blockchain as a Business Practice

We are drawing from our staff's experience in the Web3 industry. For example, Operations, Compliance, and Customer Success Teams can digitally differentiate ownership in disputes. In addition, processes at the top cryptocurrency brands rely on the public blockchain to address their issues in legal proceedings. The best part, it is a public utility, all the information is available to everyone who has a browser.

Better UI

Additionally, when the technical barrier is removed, it allows for more time to personalize the message. The personalization has been a key differentiator within the digital marketing space. Our platform is able to create a new avenue on the both experiential and personalization side the customer engagement. Our brands take advantage of our software to provide unique experiences. Below is a video of how easy it is to create an NFT with our customer engagement software.

Digital Identifiers

Paired with this unique experience, our brands are able to collect valuable first party data points as they progress into the web3 age. The progression into the NFT web3 community offers insight to transfer to value digital commodities. Our brands use NFTs to leverage insights on tests and learn areas including pain points, marketing claims, flavors and scents, promotions, and price. Distributing a digital collectible reduces the friction of past methods by easily transferring unique ownership digitally for discounts on future products or services.

In the future, we see an influx of companies use NFTs in exchange for a consumer’s insights on any test and learn areas including pain points, marketing claims, flavors and scents, promotions, and price. As shown below, minting with Versify allows customers to gain ownership NFTs in under 10 seconds.

Creative Ability Stemming From Cryptographic Ownership

The blockchain is able to give the ability for Marketing and Branding team to unlock exclusive early releases of products, or experiences that are curated specifically for those owners digitally. We have worked with brands that use NFTs to launch exclusive physical and digital experiences and use the blockchain as foundation of business practice. NFTs represent an opportunity to provide something that is evolutionary and digitally unique in the digital age.

Our brands on Versify are able to reduce the technical friction for their team to allow them easily create and distribute a customer engagement campaign. Our services demonstrate that their brands leverage the latest technologies to create direct consumer relationships, capture first party data, and deliver on the promise of consumer loyalty.

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Our team knows that offering a loyalty program is a great way to keep your customers into repeatable business. Versify’s platform helps all businesses create and manage customer loyalty services. You can use Versify to sell digital products, physical products, subscriptions, memberships, services, online courses, and more. We invite you to get started with a free trial today!

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