Email marketing provides an array of benefits. As marketers, we are closer to the user's daily habits and can analyze their engagement data—this is a crucial step in understanding how we can improve as a department. After researching, our teams know how we can strategically enhance our messages. Like what posts have received the most traction and what structural components made them engagement worthy. Was it the personalization, subject line, formatting, length, or other factors? We begin to understand the consumer more and tailor their marketing experience to them as we find what type of content attracts them amidst their large inbox. For example, an average inbox will have about 200 emails. So our team needs to understand how we can stand out from the crowd. Then, knowing this data, we can tailor the experience to a bespoke fit. Another example is that we understand the relationship between engagement and word count is usually inverse proportional at the 200-word count. Leading us to strategically bake our content to ensure we deliver our message within the limits that give us the best chance for success.

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