It is our team's favorite time of year. Halloween is the start of a season of holidays in fall & winter. The opportunity to start marketing and rewarding your loyal customers. According to the Financial Edge, Americans spend more than $10.4 billion on Halloween items during this time of year. Merchants and marketers should understand that this is an excellent start to the profitable holiday season. Our team wanted to present a few tactics on loyalty marketing that can improve sales this season!

Use Halloween as Stepping Stone to Christmas

Businesses can use sales from Halloween to promote pre-holiday purchases. For example, companies can offer reward program members double the points or discounts on Christmas decorations when they purchase Halloween items! In addition, our platform at Versify, enables you to create your loyalty program from scratch. Create an account for free today!

Hold a Halloween Contest

Use this opportunity to partner with other businesses and host a contest tied to your loyalty program. If shoppers can purchase goods & services with a code, they will receive a prize like a $100 shopping card or $50 coupons at partnering locations.

Create Excitement on Halloween

We all know that Halloween is not only for kids and adults but for your best pet friends too! Merchants that focus their rewards program members discounts on costumes with their pet food purchases or hold social media contests on pet costumes that get the most votes to win access to unique store products & events. Our platform can integrate with your software to automate and personalize tasks for your customers. Sign up for free to test our product!

There are so many additional ways that loyalty marketers can use this time to engage their customer base. Halloween is spooky good for retailers, with over 85% of shoppers making more than one trip to find Halloween costumes and items. Build Loyalty towards your brands by understanding the Halloween season. With digital collectibles, personalized messages target your customers with compelling offers as they shop and use their purchase history as a base for the Christmas season.

Get started for free and test your customer loyalty program!

Our team knows that offering a loyalty program is a great way to keep your customers in repeatable business. Versify's platform helps all companies to create and manage customer loyalty services. You can use Versify to sell digital products, physical products, subscriptions, memberships, services, online courses, and more. We invite you to get started with a free trial today!

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